Gold Coast Alfa Romeo

Provide professional online sales resources for Gold Coast Alfa Romeo a luxury car dealership serving Queens, New York, and its surrounding areas.


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    UI/UX Design, Web development, Email Marketing


Web Design, Landing Pages, Email Campaigns and More

Gold Coast Alfa Romeo makes owning a luxury car affordable for clients in Queens, New York, and the surrounding area. The dealership provides a searchable online catalogue of some of the top new and used cars available such as the Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV, two well-liked models. We make sure the website is updated with the most recent specials, and produce mockups for the introduction of new vehicles. We ensure that they used all the online sales channels to their fullest. 




Below you will find the main deliverables that we created for Gold Coast Alfa Romeo. For this client deliverables consisted of landing pages, new model pages, website development and more. 

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