Porsche Offers More Web Hosting Alternatives for Dealers

Porsche offers more web hosting choices

PCNA’s new web hosting alternatives facilitate your dealership website’s performance and marketing

Since July 1, 2018, PCNA (Porsche Cars North America) recently announced on its dealer site that it has expanded web hosting alternatives for its digital platforms, offering more tools for dealership websites and business development. We’ve expanded on some of the information included in their article.

Shifting Landscape

No longer working with an exclusive digital provider PCNA dealers can now utilize other tools that facilitate the tracking of your KPIs, and the performance of digital marketing. Here are some of the new web hosting companies that are helping sell Porsche cars.


Helps the customer buy and find the right vehicle according to preference, but what stands out is that it guarantees a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ensures better web visibility.

DealerFire helps the customer find an easy way to make a purchase, maximizing the user experience. Its positioning resources also provide a better ranking on the web.


This platform is based on WordPress. This website has a responsive design and adapts to all devices. It also offers a good SEO design and positioning, extensive HTML, allows for shortcodes, CSS, and inventory tracking.

It shows which vehicles are more desired by customers and which descriptions need improvements to increase desirability. DealerInspire is very complete and takes care of important details related to customer behavior that significantly influence the purchase.


Is one of the most complete and provides the greatest amount of resources - the biggest benefit being its contribution to digital marketing (SEO and SEM). It also offers a responsive design for your dealership website (unlike a Multi-URL, Adaptive or Perfect platform).

It includes Behavioral Targeting System (BTS) and a state-of-the-art customer generation improvement system designed to increase the number of potential customers. In addition, thanks to an A/B split test, you can evaluate offers depending on the target customer.

This platform is among the industry’s favorites. It offers transparency of data, improving return on investment, and generating trust through your digital marketing.


Its prime characteristic is the contribution of advanced and effective tools for volume sales. Thanks to a complete package of automotive marketing software, it allows a simple and smooth administration of your website, as well as your inventory and marketing.

This platform allows your website to be responsive on all devices and offers the most advanced tools of organization and inventory. This includes tool price alerts and auto-notifications of price changes for customers.

Personalizes the search for products depending on the target customer. is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises including Cox Automotive, which houses Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader among many other brands, and has been around for some time.

Their mobile sites are adaptive, and customer service is strong. The development team has done a great job overcoming earlier challenges in responsiveness in a few of their themes. The volume and infrastructure that a major organization like this manages provides easy access to a range of problem solvers.


The new PCNA initiative is an excellent opportunity to improve your business and expand digital marketing opportunities. If you have not yet reviewed each or any of these platforms, I invite you to check them out and let us know what you think. If you have already used them, please share your experience with us.

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