Video Marketing as a Powerful Tool

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Video Marketing as a Powerful Tool

Videos, whether short or long, and done correctly have the potential to convey emotions that really touch people, just remind them of something they’ve been missing or anything in between. The most important aspect is connecting with viewers. Because video marketing is so accessible and able to be generated with a simple phone in many cases, it has become a common way of communicating. It holds the attention of the viewer but can also engage. If you want to learn how to do something it is possible to search for it on the web and learn to varying degrees.

Videos are sources of information, or entertainment for most of us. Companies using video to sell something may be informative, but it’s not very entertaining. This is where creativity plays a huge role. Consider commercials, billboards, and building signs that are unique, but that you remember because they were funny, or memorable for other reasons. In these cases, it’s clear that these companies understand their brand identity, and conveyed it successfully. Companies use that identity to get the attention of clients. The creativity starts as an individual, or a team to develop a concept.


Storyboarding is basically drawing out your video like a comic strip. It’s a crucial piece because storyboarding simplifies the story, gets your support team on the same page, and helps guide the message. Information can be shared, discussed, easily changed, and is way more cost effective. Once a format is agreed upon, production considerations like locations, time of day, equipment, etc. can commence. There are many things to consider when creating a video, and length is one of the important ones.

Length of video

Audiences in different social media platforms expect good videos to be a particular length, but not too long. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are the most commonly used places to apply video formats, but the most accessible place for a video on the internet is Youtube. Youtube can embed videos on websites, and it’s easy to create links for videos on the most common social networks. An optimal length for a video on Instagram is about one minute. Videos on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook should be between 30 seconds and one minute.

Social Media Advantages


According to Youtube and since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become the video outlet for the world. Every day millions of hours of videos are displayed on this platform. While not exclusively, its audience is mostly generation Y, young people from 18 to 34 years old. Videos averaging 3 minutes tend to be the most popular for this group and feature personalities or characters endearing to their audience.

Imagine a character in your favorite television program that you felt some closeness to. These videos follow a similar principle. The popularity of Youtube sensations has increased dramatically over the past 8 years. In fact, a person using Youtube to learn how to become a Youtube sensation, and market themselves is a very real possibility. But no matter the product, knowing your audience and striking the right chord is ideal.


In spite of recent challenges, Facebook remains a dominant social media tool and reports no less than 100 million hours of visits per day. In the case of Facebook and Instagram, you don’t even need to click on a video in order to see it. These mediums feature the ability to engage in video viewing by just scrolling through your feed.

Facebook covers all age groups, although the most common is from 25 to 34 years old (25% of its active users). Those over the age of 35 and separated by physical distance, also represent a large audience for Facebook. Videos in this platform under a minute tend to be the most popular.


Its strategy started out as still photography but gradually incorporated video. Instagram reports over 800 million active users. Its average audience is female and under the age of 35. It launched its video function in June 2013, and brevity is its strong suit. In the beginning of video access, 15 seconds was the limit, although now they can be expanded to one minute and beyond.

Instagram has tapped into the pulse of what people want and expect, accessible and easy to digest information that tells a story quickly.

Things to consider when making a video

Here are video elements that can help guide creating a marketing video for your social media. You can include any combination, or just one. These are nothing more than guides, and to help get ideas flowing. One of the exciting things about marketing is that there are no limits to creativity.


Testimonials are among the most important selling instruments. Your customers endorsing your product is better than any paid actor, or commercial. Most people looking to buy a product want to know what those who have bought it think of it. Even though it may not be a perfect video in terms of production, prospective customers trust a less-than-perfect, unscripted testimonial from an actual customer. It’s as genuine as it gets.


Explanatory videos clarify and demonstrate features of a product that appeal to clients and can isolate a product as a better option than its competitors. Creative marketing groups have real opportunities to showcase their talents along with a product.

Product demonstration

Demonstrating a product is one of the single best ways to make potential customers into buyers of your product. They want to know that it works and how it works. Let’s talk about QVC. They do millions of dollars in sales every day because they demonstrate their products and make the sale interesting. They also have the advantage of being on live TV to impress an urgency to buy. The buy before they run out concept adds a whole dimension to a strategic campaign.


Good stories appeal to everyone. The missing dog found by a good Samaritan and returned to the family that loves them, tugs at heartstrings. It doesn’t matter that a commercial is for a phone where the family shared a picture of their lost dog, you feel the story, and the phone becomes a character in it. The story that incorporates a product sensibly and seamlessly makes sense to the consumer.

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