Improving your Car Dealer Website

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Improving your Car Dealer Website

Your car dealer website is a round-the-clock vehicle showroom available to potential customers. Ensuring that it provides clients with vital information, and answers questions that can help close a deal is essential.

Here are some recommendations for important elements that attract target buyers and boost sales.

1. Prioritize an appealing design

Visiting a website should be a fulfilling user experience. Images, content availability, and smooth navigation are one of the first things users encounter and think about. Maintaining that comfort and ease of access to information keeps visitors on your site and improves the probability of converting them to customers.

Tools like DealerOn can refine these aspects of your website, and upgrade your Vehicle Details Page.

2. Provide mobile devices adaptability

Mobile devices have become the first step for consumers researching most high-priced items, including cars. Your website must adapt to this environment, but still, provide accessibility using desktop computers. Trends indicate that while the first step in research is done using smartphones, often times it’s a preliminary search. More extensive searches are conducted on desktops or laptops in the comfort of home.

Dealer Inspire and DealerFire are tools that offer responsive and adaptive design according to the needs of current consumers, your needs, and marketing services.

3.  Practical navigation, usability, and inventory access

Your website must be simple to use and provide organized information. A confusing, or slow-loading site is a quick way to encourage visitors to leave. AutoRevo facilitates user-friendly platforms, which provide an easy search inventory for better user experience. Car dealer groups should merge inventory data to provide a broader search on one site so that customers can see all available vehicles. This way consumers are exposed to a larger inventory that increases the potential for consistent sales throughout the group.

4. Have a staff page

Images of your work team tend to instill a sense of accessibility, and confidence about your products and services. At the same, your employees will be more engaged with your business identity and develop a meaningful sense of belonging.

5. Include reviews links in your Vehicle Display Page (VDP)

Including ratings and testimonials from other sites does several things. It gives customers access to what others are saying about your organization, demonstrates a sense of confidence in your company’s abilities to provide good service, and inspires trust in your brand.

6. Include online chats

Online chat features make it easy for clients to establish early communication, clarify concerns, and clear obstacles to improve the likelihood of closing.

7. Differentiate your service

Finally, address why your clients should choose you from your competitors. You can encourage the decision making by offering promotions. Some of the dealerships from which I’ve purchased cars provided free monthly carwashes, and a first oil change for free. Whatever the offer, your site is a great place to showcase those pieces that influence buyers.


Your website has the power to bring exposure to your company and is well worth the investment. Planned carefully and utilizing the right combination of input and an experienced marketing and design professionals, your company’s outcomes are certain to improve. Follow our tips on improving your car dealer website to increase traffic and ultimately, sales.

For more information on success strategies for your organization, contact the experts at Advertising Avenue. We’d love to help.


Nancy M. Hernandez
Nancy M. Hernandez
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