Split Your Ferrari Maserati Site Into Two Separate Branded Websites

ferrari maserati website split

Split Your Ferrari Maserati Site Into Two Separate Branded Websites

If you are a Ferrari Maserati site for your dealership, for many reasons it would benefit your dealership to split your website in two, one for your Ferrari models and the other for the Maserati models. The reasons to do this can be many, such as working on SEO specific terms to each brand, the ability to display your commitment to each brand, provide your customers with the attention and details needed for each brand, and the benefit of increasing dedicated traffic for Ferrari and Maserati separately. As well as taking advantage of any offers the Manufacturer may provide towards their respective brands.

Advertising Avenue has the experience in site migration from one CMS to another, as well as managing the project of separating the

brands within a current CMS. We have worked with, VinSolutions, Gary Stock Company, CDK and many more auto dealership Content Management Systems (CMS) providers.

There are various things to consider when starting a project such as this. One of the first things is to discuss what are the reasons or objectives for this move and identify the benefits and pain points within their current CMS systems. Second,  is the analytics of the current site, identifying your baseline of traffic and incoming leads is a good place to start.  Then,  we begin putting together a plan and a process to complete each task with collaboration with the Hosting or CMS company. Usually, a migration takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on the CMS structure and the number of pages, and media assets.

Because Advertising Avenue has a team of coders, we’re one of the rare creative teams that can overcome the obstacles of using designated templates from most CMS systems. We can provide animation; SEO schemas, and more importantly lead convergence. Once the CMS template is in place, all pages from the original sitemap need to be reviewed for quality control and the new pages need to be loaded with content. We maintain all the site updates, such as racing pages, blogs, monthly specials, staff updates, reviews, new model releases, etc.  Our team has the creative vision and ability to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of not only the dealership stakeholders but more importantly their clientele.

We understand the needs of your discerning clients and provide them with beautiful designs that showcase Ferrari’s iconic prancing horse, performance, design and quality. We artfully produce Specials banner ads with the utmost attention to the Maserati Trident, and a commitment to display their masterpieces of Italian design in your web pages. All the while, following the branding guidelines for both Ferrari and Maserati. We are committed to ensuring the success of all Ferrari Maserati dealerships.

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