Social Media Strategies for Automotive Digital Marketing

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Enhance your automotive digital marketing and reach by using Social Media

An ever-changing digital market demands that companies learn to navigate fluctuating consumer patterns and competition with adaptable strategies. The automotive industry does this by updating tools and social networks to maintain the desired visibility in the digital world.

A study of social media trends conducted by Digital Air Strike shows that car buyers in the last three years classified social networks as more important than their websites. Here are five important strategies to boost your company's presence and reach in social media, concluded by something car dealers often overlook in relation to customer feedback.

Customer experience is paramount

Instead of simply looking at what competitors are doing and borrowing ideas, focus on satisfying your customers' expectations. What works for your clients and how easy is your site to navigate for optimal user experience? The automotive industry requires the use of valuable tools to generate new awareness and make access simple. Making yourself visible in social media circles opens opportunities for new clients. An easy to navigate site keeps them coming back.

Make yourself noticed in social media

Social media is now the first point of interaction and information that people use to find products and services. Consulting a digital marketing specialist can give you the edge your business needs to gain traction and earn business. Engaging with specialists who have experience using social media effectively can help position your products and services in web searches. Another good reason to consult with experts.

Stay updated with automotive marketing trends

Technology is continually being updated. Marketing professionals are at the forefront of most new trends and understand how to get maximize these tools. You should also remember that you have the power to influence the way in which your digital marketing strategy is developed. After all, it’s your company. Do some homework on your own and gain insight into how the money you’re investing in a marketing team is being used. This will make for a productive relationship between you and a marketing consultant.

Invest in social media campaigns

Effective automotive digital marketing in social media depends on identifying precise knowledge, interests, behaviors, and geographic location of clients. Many organizations pay for this information or acquire it through their own client databases. Through advertising, and more specific elements like pay-per-click campaigns you can reach a specific population, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and develop a loyal customer database.

Share "Behind-the-Scenes" content in Social Media

Post videos behind the scenes share real videos, and new car photos. Write smart responses to testimonials or comments and post relevant content consistently. Another reason why getting to know your clients is important. This is undoubtedly a good digital marketing strategy and attracts potential customers, and for the most part, it’s free. It builds confidence in prospective and current clients because it allows you to build relationships with them by being personal, approachable, and human.

Do businesses benefit from sites like Yelp?

People use Yelp to find products and services far beyond just restaurants. Yelp has increasingly become a place where people rate and leave good and not so good comments about many types of businesses. Businesses can create Yelp pages free of charge and there are pay options for more visibility. Owners responding to bad reviews should only do so in the interest of doing good. Here is where the social media effect plays to your advantage. Customers have the power to change their review in a public forum and comment on how you responded.

The shelf life for comments on Yelp lasts as long as the Yelp site for that business lives, which can be several years. If you overlook sites like this because you believe that they are places where people just go to complain, you’re missing a valuable opportunity. Sites like this give your business a chance to improve and for the most part, it’s free. It’s a great second chance to make a first impression and prove that your customers come first.

Wrap up

Social media, like many other things in business, are a part of the education of everyone who uses it. Making the time to understand, either through web searches, blogs, and podcasts are great ways to learn. A good marketing professional will always make the time to help clients understand the products and services they provide because an educated client makes for fast work for both parties. If you’re interested in learning more about how social media can help build a new or existing business, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Nancy M. Hernandez
Nancy M. Hernandez
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