2017 Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit

Automotive Analytics Attribution Summit

2017 Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit

This year on November 8th and 9th, 2017  the first Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit held in Boca Raton, Florida.

I will be attending the 2017 Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit to get information for my automotive clients. It is a first of its kind dedicated to online marketing analytics and attribution for the automotive industry. I expect the summit to bring together like-minded automotive dealership marketing analytics, marketing portals, and CRM technology companies to discuss standards or methods for handling attribution and analytics.


I have been a part of the online ADF 2.0 committee with David Metter and Brian Pasch to improve and expand the capabilities of ADF (Auto-lead Data Format). This is way overdue, ADF 1.0 was released 17yrs ago, according to on May 3, 2000. It was the joint effort from Reynolds & Reynolds, Autovantage, Stoneage, Cobalt, Microsoft,, AutoSite and Kelley Blue Book which provided us with this standard. Today the automotive industry has grown and their needs are wide-reaching.

After attending the 2017 Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit, I am looking forward to having further discussions to improve on 1.0 and expect to have ADF 2.0 release in 2018 during the NADA conference in Las Vegas for March 2018.

Nancy M. Hernandez
Nancy M. Hernandez
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