WordPress Site Development

Word Press has become one of the most significant players in the web-based space. It has an extensive library of options and tools that can be used by individuals with little to no experience, or advanced options for web professionals. It’s also free. You pay for your domain name and a host to keep your site on the web, but WordPress itself is free. Here are some important things that you need to know about WordPress to better understand it, and help you take more complete advantage of its offerings.


What WordPress is used for

WordPress is commonly used to build out company web sites, and most businesses use it for that purpose alone, but we’ll demonstrate how flexible and intelligent WordPress tools are. We also encourage seeking expert advice. Understanding your tools make things better for your business and your bottom line, and a consultation with the professionals at Ad Avenue is also free. We don’t just show you how things work. We tell you why they are important.


Blogs have become indispensable because they demonstrate your expertise to current and prospective clients and inspire confidence in you and your business. They can address specific issues at length and define creative solutions. Bloggers benefit by keeping and expanding their audiences. WordPress generated blogs help capture information from readers in several ways. They can track the number of visitors or go much further by capturing data about click through rates to other pages on your site, social media, and capture information about subscribers. There is quite a bit more, but I think you get the picture.


Data capture is good because it helps identify characteristics of your typical clients and targets your marketing with a greater level of precision. Equally as important, not everyone may have the time or ability to write blogs. Ad Avenue’s content professionals work hard to understand your goals and help write content that complements your business and resonates with your readers.

Business website

A business website gives your company a web presence. It provides visitors with details about your brand, what you do, and how to take advantage of what you offer. Most importantly, you have an opportunity to keep visitors engaged and close deals or get them to contact you. Like blogs, your website can capture information that will be useful to earning and keeping your customers. The question is once you get your site up and running will people see it when they search the web for your type of business?


Consider your site like a city on a map. Unless people know where you are, you must provide an incentive, and directions to your location. Marketing introduces your products and services and encourages those interested to reach out to you. As a business, it makes sense to keep marketing costs low. Knowing your audience helps concentrate your marketing on people who are more likely to become clients. Our professionals will help build a marketing strategy on your goals, budget, and timelines. We can also test different methods to examine which work best for your company.


A new web site is a wonderful thing, but doing what you can to make it visible in general searches can give you an edge over your competitors. Consult with our experts and let’s get your new or upgraded site off the ground today.

Online Shopping

A little over a third of all shopping is conducted online these days. That’s a pretty significant slice and there’s a lot of competition. While the quality and value of your product or service is probably the biggest part of your success, site navigation, ease of use, and check-out are equally important in earning return clients. Our design experts will help create visual displays for your products, and descriptions that will improve the chances of closing a sale.


Think about when you shop online. Is it easy to search and find what you’re looking for? If it’s not easy, you’ll likely go to another site to find what you’re looking for. Even if it cost slightly more than a similar product on another site, you may be inclined to pay more for a better shopping experience. Our designers can help you engage your customers and keep them coming back.

Two more reasons why WordPress is the way to go


WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress was designed with broad range compatibility with search engines. The results have made WordPress sites more visible in web searches than any other content management system. This is important because it allows your content to be digitally examined for maximum exposure to searches. In other words, it clears the way for those who are looking for businesses like yours to find you.


It’s easy to Customize

WordPress happens to be the go-to web tool for first-time users with little to no experience. There are a large variety of themes available to suit any type of business. Themes in WordPress come with the basic foundations of what a site will need like your home, about, services, clients, and blog pages already built in. Themes can also come with color schemes that complement your brand and help your overall look remain consistent.


WordPress took what was once a lengthy, code-based process, and simplified it into a user friendly, professional website creator. Of course, as you and your business progress, time and complexity may require working with a web professional. Our best advice is that if you are considering building or reconstructing an existing web site, talk to a professional web designer first. You have nothing to lose, but a lot of understanding about web sites to gain.