Using Social Media to Increase Web Traffic

Using Social Media to Increase Web Traffic

If you own a business with a website, you likely spent money on good web design for your WordPress site or something similar. Two major challenges in creating a site are identifying a direction, and investing the visibility of your site in the right designer. Ideally, these things can help introduce your site publicly, start traffic, and build momentum. Social media is a lot more than personal interactions in your life. It’s also a tool you can use to give your website the visibility boost it needs. The key word here, is social. People connect with people, and the people on your team represent the presence of your company on social profiles. Whether photography, video, graphics, or text, your personality comes through. This is where the true magic of social media comes from.

Importance of Social Media

Social media was created as a way of connecting people. The ability to increase web traffic has been a positive side effect. Social media is an outlet that serves to build interest in your brand. For example, before introducing a new website, you can establish a campaign for its growth. Some companies have gone as far as documenting the process of building their site to stir interest in the finished product. As with many things in social media, it’s the story. Your story has the power to access a growing audience on social media, and one of many reasons why companies use it. Social media also offers your company access to organic SEO, which can ensure higher placement on search engines.

A quick overview of social media

There are many social media outlets, but which one is best for you? Using multiple social media channels rather than one, appears to achieve better results. Each option has its own benefits and its own targets. Pinterest for example, is excellent for sharing infographics and images, while Snapchat can be great to show quick videos about your company. Younger people tend to use Instagram and Snapchat while older people tend to use Twitter and Facebook. Knowing which social media outlets are used by your audience helps tailor and convey your messaging better.

Complete your social media profile pages

Certain social media platforms provide the benefit of a profile page. Visitors to your social media page can learn more about your business when your company information is complete. For example, profile pages include website links, hours of operation, physical address, summary of your services, and contact information. Every successful company would want to make it easier for prospective clients to learn about and contact them. Another thing to consider are backlink’s on social media pages. Backlinks are designed to help get prospects to your site so, be certain to add them to your profile.

Blog and balance

You should know that blog content is very important for your SEO, and social media was designed for promoting this type of content. Why not make sure that the content you’ve worked to develop gets to as many people as possible? On the other hand, beware not to over-promote. Nothing could be worse than being perceived a nuisance by potential customers. Balance, fine-tune, and develop your sense of how much your audience may want to hear from you. Your experience coupled with solid data will give you a good frame of reference from which to make decisions.

Don’t miss the mark

Have you posted something vital, but felt that it got lost in your customer’s feed because they weren’t online to notice when it was posted? Figuring out when your clients are most active on social media may give you a sense of when to post, and improve the probability of being seen. Did you also know that you can schedule when your social media posts go live? Scheduling gives you ample time to plan and create a message that works.

Looks are important

Visual content is crucial to share on social media. Animations, high-quality photographs, and infographics increase the likelihood that visitors to your social media pages will react to posts. The most effective visual content is attractive and impressive. Visuals in platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are incredibly important because of how much quality content is available. To be clear, quality doesn’t always mean perfect. Whatever it is, it has to affect your audience in a way that makes them feel good about your brand.

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Social media is not an anchor, it’s your wings

Many people feel that social media for business is a time-consuming venture. Admittedly, it may take some getting used to, but when positive outcomes are the result, people tend to appreciate it a little more and want to engage in helping improve. Consistency is essential in social media. When you are effective in getting people to connect with you, you must nurture those relationships. The unique ability to connect with your customers is what makes social media work. When they comment on a post, respond. When they ask a question, answer it to the best of your ability. Scheduling time to respond to messages is well worth the effort. Be responsive and sincere, but patient when necessary to build the relationship. These are things that earn your company a positive reputation and bring more people to your business.

Never Buy Followers

There’s a misconception about followers that says that you must have many of them to be perceived as a good or strong business, and that’s simply not true. Some businesses go to great lengths by buying followers. These types of followers do nothing to improve sales and many inactive followers will diminish your engagement rate. Buying followers may also be against the terms of service of social platforms. While time consuming and challenging to develop, organic followers will always be the best approach. There are no short cuts to a stable business model.

Ready to go

Social media has become an effective way of doing business. Clients have a way to research companies they want to work with, can do it from any electronic device 24/7, and don’t have to contact until their ready. If you are anywhere from a novice to expert, you should know that its use for business, while similar, can be complex. Consult an expert, learn what makes up a strong social media presence for your business, and get a good idea of what’s involved. Good web design, social media, and marketing professionals will take the time to ask questions, learn about your business, and you. Their ideas should make sense, be reasonable objectives, and inspire you and your team. Investing in the experience that a professional can bring to the table is more than worth it. Even if you choose not to use them, you’ll know what’s required, so you gain.

Nancy M. Hernandez
Nancy M. Hernandez
UX Director and software entrepreneur helping businesses manage and developing their websites and marketing channels. Loves helping and motivating others to succeed.