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Experienced Family Law firm serving clients in Redwood City, California. Attorney Flora Garcia-Sepulveda has been practicing law since 1998.





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Web Design, Lead Generation

Woodman Garcia-Sepulveda Law had a website that was underproducing and all their pages were alike. We created a brand and over time with much content creation produced a site that is constantly generating leads and providing value to their customers.



Below you will find images of pages created for WGS Law Firm. For this client deliverables consisted of free guides, videos, podcasts and hundreds of blog articles.


testimonial flora v01 | Advertising Avenue | Digital Marketing Agency
My website cried out for an overhaul. Nancy and her team have done a phenomenal job in creating a new website for us.

Flora Garcia-Sepulveda, ESQ

Founder, Woodman Garcia-Sepulveda Law

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