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Gold Coast Maserati - Project Management - Advertising Avenue
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Gold Coast Maserati – Project Management

Gold Coast Maserati dealership recently went thru a website upgrade  in April 2017 to take advantage of a new service from Dealer.com (DDC) called Digital Retailing. The objective was to migrate from one template to another without losing pages, and minimize a SEO traffic during the first month transition.


This involved managing the needs of the current store, with the demands of the marketing team. We took the opportunity to  improve user experience, reorganization of the top menu and multiple rounds of quality control to ensure that we were not only getting new components, but not losing previously well received ones. The addition of SSL was easy with DDC, and the clients were delighted to be one of the first dealership to have a secured site.


Gold Coast Maserati site had several custom page layouts that were done by Advertising Avenue coders outside of DDC. We used inline CSS styling to overcome the inaccessibility of the CSS and JS files. With this in mind, the only limitation was the 1100 pixel width of the interior pages.

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