2017 Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit at the Boca Beach Club Summary

After three days of meeting exciting automotive professionals and attending several workshops. I am happy to report that it was worth the cost and the wait. Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit was in a held at the Boca Beach Club and offered workshops that I provided me with tools to apply everyday day job of helping my clients sell more cars thru marketing.

On Tuesday, August 7, 2017, I attended the VistaDash User Group, where I discovered it to be a reporting system that connects Google Analytic with the dealers CRM to provide new metrics that are specific to dealerships. Later there was a meeting for ADF 2.0 Committee, here I was able to meet individuals that I had spoken to on the phone, such as David Metter of Urban Science, Thomas Gage of Gage Consulting, and Brian Jacobs of ELeadOne and many more that are critical to the update of ADF 1.0 in the near future. We had come together to discuss the future of ADF and how to help the auto dealerships.

Wednesday was a full day starting early at 7am with breakfast serve on a beautiful patio deck and opening keynote speakers Brian Pasch of PCG our host and John Clavadetscher of who had a very engaging history presentation of our industry.  In the afternoon, I attended two workshops: The Audience Effect: How People-first Marketing is Disrupting Attribution and Why Consumers Loathe Your Online Experience. The first was conducted by Kelly Owens of Oracle Data cloud and was very informative on how you can unlock layers of consumer data in Facebook to target specific markets, and the second was conducted by Andy Medley which was  a bit more self-promoting, but did reveal how limited we are in being able to personalize a site to individuals.

The last day, started with a nice breakfast and Keynote panels as well as more workshops in the afternoon. I attended Meet Roxanne – A technology Breakthrough to Measure Attribution Through Events and Customer Intent by Joe Chura of DealerInspire. Joe provided a very entertaining and informative hour by which he not only explained the need for attribution but also how to achieve not only with his product but on our own. The second, and last workshop I attended that day was Investing Your Media Dollars With Certainty: The Role of a Quality Visit and Attribution with Kevin LeSage of Cox Automobile, this left me with more questions than answers and it seems that they were lagging behind other web vendors in the offerings.

Nancy M. Hernandez
Nancy M. Hernandez
UX Director and software entrepreneur helping businesses manage and developing their websites and marketing channels. Loves helping and motivating others to succeed.