Social Media Fundamentals

social media fundamentals
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Social media for a business can be time consuming yet fundamental to the success of the business. You may be at a cross road where you know you need to do something, but you also know you can’ t do it alone. While social media can be time consuming, you shouldn’t let it overwhelm you, especially at the beginning. Perhaps you hire someone to set everything up for you in the medium of your choice. For this example, lets say you open up a Facebook page. You can start small and schedule an hour a day to post something. Not just anything, post something that is of value to your customers. And please don’t always ask them to buy your products, people get tired of being asked for their money.

You need to be social on social media. Discuss neighborhood events, provide pertinent information for your customers that they will find helpful. This will distinguish you from others and they will be looking forward to your posts. One thing to consider is having a fun post day, something that is uniquely yours and memorable.

One piece of advise that I would say is very important is don’t ignore or fight those that leave bad comments about your business. Those may be the ones that help you the most. Remember there are others out there that will be reading your response so be diplomatic and ask what you can do to change their mind. Most people just want to be acknowledged. You can turn a bad situation into a good one. Keep an open mind, you don’t always have to agree with a bad comment or troll but don’t every make a matter worse. Be polite and curious and with an open mind try to turn it around.



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