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AutoNote Solutions - web design - Advertising Avenue
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AutoNote Solutions – web design

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AutoNote Solutions – Web design and SEO Mgmt

AutoNote Solutions web design went thru a second update in about 5 years in late 2016. This last update used WordPress Responsive design and mobile design. A new foamgream and aqua blue design was created, which provided a new progressive feel and still soft enough to garner attention to calls-to-action.  An update logo was also introduced to compliment the industry of the brand and the strength of the company. Content was reviewed and added to provide their customers with value.  SEO was utilized for the first time, but gradually took affect as they have a small niche market – yet still effective enough to garner a 3x increase in traffic. Together with Email marketing they are garnering traction and attention. The site is clean and ready for further growth.

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