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Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale – Web Design

Since 2011, I have been working with the Experience Auto Group, and their wonderful Marketing Team. I have so many updates to their auto dealership web sites and add-on to their sites that I would love to share but honestly they change every month and its difficult to keep up. We gone thru several migrations and launches.


In 2014, the team was expanded with the renown Auto Connoisseur, Gaurav Khanna, later with dedicated designer, Michael Lussos , who has been such a pleasure to work with and a great sense of humor, his voice sounds like Howard Stern, and his designs are spot on.  We have SEO specialist, Fernando Larez with his eyes focused on leads and traffic, Social Media Expert, Caitlyn Ford, Event coordinator, Soojin Kim and our one and only Marketing VP, John Vogel who glues us all together.  This is the Dream Team all auto dealerships should wish they had working for them. Together, we are responsible for the branded dealership sites for Ferrari, Maserati, Porches, and Volvo – and we’re good at it.


My title with the team has been elusive, from the designer, developer, project manager to just the go-to person for digital business development, I’m okay just being the problem solver.

Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Web Design