How to Grow your Business with a Strong Online Presence

How to grow your online business
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How To Grow Your Business With a Strong Online Presence


You’ve probably noticed that we have redesigned and updated our website. Most web designs have a short shelf life of two to three years. To keep it fresh and exciting within that time frame you should periodically update your images, content and consistently add new blog posts. Unfortunately, there are thousands of sites out there that do nothing, and get stale. Our goal is to grow our business while helping other businesses to grow theirs. There are several ways to grow your business with a strong online presence with many various online software and attention to your customers. We redesigned and updated our site by adding new content, images, employing social media, and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Each tool is important and different for everyone. For example, selling a product uses different social media channels than selling a service. For us it’s even trickier as we are in the marketing business, but as seasoned professionals we know how to navigate these areas based on experience, and knowledge.


Writing fresh content that is of value to our clients, vendors, and casual visitors is very important as it keeps them engaged and encourages them to revisit the site. We also provide simple, elegant images to display our work and convey our messages.


Engaging social media and email marketing enable us to maintain constant contact with our customers and provide them with the latest industry developments and trends which is very important for business growth. As stakeholders in their business we ensure that they have the necessary tools to grow.


We use SEO to monitor the traffic on our site, see what pages are visited, and which pages our visitors are most engaged with. By analyzing this data, we are able to find trends and provide content to keep these visitors interacting with our site and drive our website and keyword rankings.  These are a few of the marketing tools that we use to ensure that our site is always current and relevant and our clients are happy with our service.


We understand that to do this properly takes time and money, but by hiring seasoned professionals you will see your business grow, costs reduced, and stress eliminated. In this current fast paced business environment an online presence is mandatory for any organization, small or large, to be competitive and successful. If you don’t know how put a site together or what to do with it after its up, we suggest that you interview at least three agencies. Ensure you’re very comfortable with the one you choose to do business with, and their strategy.  Communicate your pain points clearly, make sure that they understand them and your customers so that you receive the best value for your money. Hiring an agency that is a good fit for your company is vital to a long standing and mutually beneficial relationship that will help you both grow. You don’t have to choose us, but we understand this digital marketing inside out and would be happy to meet with you. We invite you to give us a call 800-292-1942.

Nancy M. Hernandez

Nancy M. Hernandez

Creative Director and software entrepreneur helping businesses manage and developing their websites and marketing channels. Loves exotics cars, sports and motivating others to succeed.

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